Elite Has Great Success with Seminars!

Seminar Maximization Strategy

Elite Appointment Setters

 Have you had a decrease in people actually showing up to your seminar?  Are you tired of cancelled appointments?  Let us help you increase your ROI on your seminars by helping you get potential clients to actually show up AND keep their appointments!  Below are some of our strategies and what we do to maximize each seminar for you:

Pre-Seminar Activity:


  • Elite inputs all leads into EASS CRM who RSVP’d to seminar mailer
  • Elite calls and pre-qualifies all RSVP’s (finds out purpose of money, portfolio size, type of assets, confirms contact information, builds rapport on behalf of the advisor and explains credentials, and confirms date and time). Either books appointment then, or confirms prospect for seminar
  • Elite sends all call notes and prospect notes to advisor prior to the seminar and uploads into the CRM for advisor and staff review


Post Seminar Activity:


  • Following the seminar, EASS contacts each attendee: thanks them for attendance, confirms all Yes’, does more fact finding and discovery prior to the meeting (For example: Are they already being proposed an annuity? When and how much income do they need? Discovers any other questions they may have for the advisor.) EASS again builds rapport and confirms the date and time of the appointment
  • EASS finds out if there is a spouse and encourages both to attend the meeting, as well as extracts portfolio information for spouse as well
  • EASS begins to contact the No’s professionally. Finds out their objections and over comes them.  (For example: timing, funds are not ready, working with another advisor, etc.)  EASS will continue to call the No’s as long as advisor is active with Elite.
  • EASS relays all information received from the client to the advisor and marketing director
  • EASS will update all calls and notes to Elite CRM
  • EASS will streamline advisor calendar and update notes there for review
  • EASS will email advisor office all call to actions for each client (i.e. Map to advisor office, Shock and Awe packages, appointment information, advisor bio, etc.)
  • EASS handles all data for any appointment time changes and sends all new information to advisor, their calendar, as well as the CRM
  • EASS handles all cancellations and reschedules


During campaign:


  • EASS will continue to monitor each campaign for what works best in that region
  • EASS will set up a custom local number unique to your campaign to enable a perception of being an extension of your office and to allow your clients to reach us directly with reschedules or any questions they may have
  • EASS is able to cross reference all leads once in the system to be aware of multiple attendances by same client
  • EASS will periodically have lead reviews with advisor and/ or staff to ensure communication and status of each lead EASS is working
  • EASS will send out reporting to advisor and marketing director of metrics on campaign (For example: appointments booked, leads in “Set time callback mode”, cancellations, No’s converted, etc”)
  • EASS will continuously update advisor particulars for any new credentials and media talking points
  • EASS will maintain all calendar changes and appointment parameters
  • EASS will export leads for advisor that are no longer active for advisor to “drip on” to reengage clients


Value add and goal for campaign:


  1. Provide the advisor with a professional sales team dedicated to seminar response that does not need to be managed by the advisor office.


  1. Reduce no show and cancellation rate of Yes’s at seminar by motivating clients.


  1. Convert No’s into face to face appointments for advisor. EASS will follow up professionally and objection handle reasons the client does not want a face to face appointment. EASS will provide feedback to marketer and advisor office for reasons to help adjust seminar campaign.


  1. Provide valuable marketing data on prospects prior to seminar so advisor can custom tailor his event to the audience. 


  1. Increase ROI of seminar allowing the advisor to either grow his business or reduce the cost of his seminars due to having to send less mail to meet the same # of prospects. 


  1. Provide advisor offices with excellent prospect tracking system via our CRM.  Help advisors “know their numbers”.


  1. Convert RSVP’s to a direct face to face appointment and allow the client to forgo the seminar lowering the overall marketing expenses while increasing the ROI.


  1. EASS will continue to call all no’s and cancellations throughout all campaigns as long as they are an active advisor with EASS.


  1. EASS provides 14 hours of call coverage and a CRM system that allows EASS to see times of calls and adjust calling time to increase connection ratios.